Driving Towards The Sunset

Driving Towards The Sunset
During our self- described “trip of a lifetime,” from January 17, 2001 to April 20, 2001, we drove from Woodstock, down the east coast to Key West, Florida, then north again and west through the Florida panhandle, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada, visited our friends (the ones that started this whole thing) in California and then returned east on a different route home. We stayed overnight in parking lots, trailer parks or homes of friends and relatives, and for as long as a week at a time in RV resorts, motels and time-shares. We were blessed to be able to gaze at, explore and visit many beautiful places, but we were especially stunned by the spectacular sunsets we witnessed. In tribute to those sunsets, I have named this book, “Driving Towards the Sunset.”

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Through poetry, you present a visual picture of what you experienced. I enjoyed reading about the places with your word pictures. Thank you for sharing your work.

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Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

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I'm so sorry, Dennis. I read your book early yesterday, took notes, and something must have distracted me, because I neither gave you my comments, nor voted. And I really trully loved your book.

I noted several poems that I particularly liked, but the very last one: The Journey Begins with the First Step Within" Is a winner. It really brings the book together. You did a good job.


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An outstandingly beautiful narration of
the journey during sunset all through the
Florida sites. Thanks with brightening star.

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Thank you for your comment on my book, "Driving Towards the Sunset". Would also take the time to read my other book, "Winter is Not for Skiing". It is entered into the winter poem contest. If warranted, a comment, a vote and adding to your favorites would be most appreciated.

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I truly enjoyed traversing the country with you through your poetry. You have captured the essence of many of the places I too have trodden. Being a Florida girl, I can relate to your piece on Sanibel quite well. If I weren't such an adventurer at heart, I just as well might be stretched underneath a beach umbrella for the balance of my days too.

Nice work ~ good luck with your manuscript.

Karis Vail

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I love the poems. It was like reading a book just in a poetic fashion. I went on your trip with you as you explain the horizons and sunsets. Good job

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