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Nana's Love

User: dholm1
Nana's Love
Stella Bennett is picking her grandson up for a fun-filled day out watching the Veterans Day Parade. When tragedy suddenly strikes will she be able to move fast enough to save her grandson's life?

contest, love, sacrifice
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Denna, could you please contact me, Joe Parente mentioned you to me. I am an author/writer. I wanted to ask you something. You could friend me ...
Steven Nedelton

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Hi bfduvall,
Definitely not a children's book. I actually wrote this after watching "Gran Torino" and asking myself the same question Stella ends up asking. Could I? I like to think most people, regardless of age, would sacrifice to save a child. Glad you enjoyed it.

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If this is supposed to be read to children, the language is very inappropriate. The story is great and I would love to have a book like this to read to my grandchildren, since I am a NANA, but not with the language as it is.

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I am so proud of you! I had no idea you had this kind of talen for writing. What a wonderful story...

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Family really liked the way the book was written. A real "cliff hanger" in the end. Does Nana make it?

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Does she make it? I'll leave this in your hands. But really it goes back to the beginning of the story when she asks herself if she could give up her life to save another. She is given her answer. Stella was willing and to me this is most important. Thanks again for reading.

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That was really good. Thanks for telling me anout it. I look forward to reading more. Great ending.

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Great story! Writing quality is really up there too. Hope to see ya back here soon.

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