Life in Verse

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Life in Verse
Life in Verse speaks to you from the depths of a young life felt through all your senses.

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''the unreal reality of living so bad''
wonderful abstract poems,lovely to read

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Dude, where the hell have you been hiding your fruits all this time. Seriously a guy this is really goo. Kwani hautakii kushare with the world. S.O.H.K. is the shiyeeeeet!

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S.O.H.K. was my favorite. it was very smooth but thick in my veins. a very moving piece and collection.


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Thank you for participating in our
poetry writing contest "Winter & Poems".

BookRix - your place to read, write and
network free literature on the Internet.

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Thank you very much for your comments. Hope I can continue with 2 or three more poetry books then a short story series or a novel.

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petra michelle

It surely doesn't seem like your first, Denis. Life in verse is lovely!

May your creative juices continue to flow! Petra :))

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