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The Wind Before The Dawn (Fiscle Part-Xi) Part 1

User: disha
The   Wind Before The   Dawn (Fiscle Part-Xi) Part 1
Afforded Little Refuge From Sun Or Wind. The Long Stretches Of Low Rolling
Hills Were Mostly Covered With Short Grass, Now Dry From A Protracted
Season Of Drought. Occasionally A Group Of Stunted Cottonwood Trees
Surrounded An Equally Stunted Looking Hut, Or Dugout, But The Blazing
Sunshine Had Browned All To A Monotonous Tone In Keeping With The
Monotonous Life It Represented. The Only Corn To Be Seen Was Of The
Variety Called Sod-Corn, Which, Unwashed By Rain For A Full Month Now, Had
Failed To Mature, Such Stalks As Had Tasselled At All Being As Barren As
The Rest Because The Tender Silks Had Dried Too Rapidly And Could Furnish
No Fertilizing Moisture To The Pollen Which Sifted Down From The Scanty
Bloom Above.

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