Satellites in Orbit

Satellites in Orbit
This short story is about an unknown creature from outer space that moved faster than the speed of light, pierced the earth’s atmosphere abolishing all orbital satellites causing major demolition around the world. As NASA Space Center tried to urgently analyze this enormous mystification, cyber technology was intercepted causing significant devastation and chaos to humanity until surprisingly something within the universe fought back. What was this horrible creature? Where did it come from and why? Vividly, you have to wonder, what if something of this nature or worse took place in today's would it affect our lives? What would we do? Our world has had its share of devastation, tourist attacks, tornados, hurricanes, mass flooding, killings in our schools and wars, there's much melancholy but we bounced back. Now imagine losing all source of our cyper-technology which is the basis of everything we could happen, what do you think?

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Glynis Rankin

What technology could come too, if we aren't careful. I enjoyed this scary little short.

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Thanks Glynis for sharing your sweet comment and I'm glad you were entertained by this story! Thanks and do come again! :)

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Gelöschter User

What if, indeed. It is clear that we have become dependent upon technology and should any part of it be taken away from us, we'll be utterly helpless. So, the scenarios you presented in your story are not far-fetched at all. Great story.

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Thanks! I told you have quite a vivid imagination! Thanks for reading it! :)

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