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Four-college students on spring vacation visit the old mansion of one of their Great, Great ancestors but becomes victims of an insanely hostile predator.

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Be Careful What You Want From Life Incase You Come To Regret It!

In this instance, Tiara realizes that her legacy could be life changing ... and it is - but not in the way she anticipated.

The longer she becomes caught up in the excitement of finding out more about her heritage, she ignores any warning signs that she may have placed herself & her friends in grave danger.

This story will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Debbie, the above review is also posted &

Deranged eBook: Debbie Lacy: Kindle Store Deranged eBook: Debbie Lacy: Kindle Store

I'm so glad you were entertained! This is another story that gave me chills while creating it! :) Again, many thanks for your support and such a wonderful comment!

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Hey everyone, I found a new cover for my ebook "Deranged!" Some say its was creepy, some say it's was gruesome and some say it was terrifying...what do you think?

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I really think your writing is great - I'm biting my fingernails wondering what's going to happen. The problem is - there is NO way that they would have kept looking around the mansion. First of all, the blood in the kitchen, the smell in the entire house, the bloody jars in the refrigerator, the creepy moaning sound, the statue that was there and then was gone, the form seen standing in the window the night before, the dead... mehr anzeigen

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lol! Yea I know...Andrew definitely wasn't for it but the others were just trying to be there for Tiara. A long awaited trip she'd been dreaming of about her ancestry, but now that she's there, the mysteries and secrets start to unfold...You have to ask yourself, "Is she really... mehr anzeigen

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