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The importance of LOL.

The importance of LOL.

LOL can be used in many ways. Be creative.

You can have a murder, or a sad scene in a book or movie, and put LOL on the end of it and it becomes happy~

I write this to raise awareness of fun things in life~





I know it's short, but I was bored.

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This book is weird LOL
But I kinda liked it LOL
I will love to read some more of it LOL
I hope you will add more beautiful stuffs to this with more LoLzz
I don't know what I'm doing rn..LOL
God bless you LoL

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;~`Jay The Feather`~;

how about...
She was standing in the mirror, watching herself transform to something never known to man..._INSERT LOLZ_

I was horrified by the fact I saw my best friend get murdered..._INSERT LOLZ_

A hand made of needles gently tapped my shoulder, and when i turned around, it dissapered.I walked for what it seemed miles, until I saw a hole and then, blood and pain was in my chest as I saw a knife go through me..._INSERT LOLZ_

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