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Rose and thorns intertwined (sample)

a modern? version of Beauty and the beast Von:
Rose and thorns intertwined (sample)

(edited chapter 1, and added chapter 2.)This is my version of beauty and the beast, i think i'm going to try a few versions to see how they are, any advice you can give for improving it will really help:)
Summary: Belle and her friend Aeriana go into the woods behind her house. They don't get too far before they find a castle that Belle definitely knows wasn't there before. Or was it? Belle gets a telepathic message from whatever's in there, to get as far away as possible, but when Aeriana slips through the thick iron gate, there's no way around it...
Despite how little she knows about him, Belle grows fond of the beast and without realizing it a friendship and she thinks, and understanding.

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James Gerard

This story is really good. There are formatting problems. Overall, I thought a very inventive and unique story.

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Jade Crossroads

Thank you!

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