The Arrowhead

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The Arrowhead
The bond between siblings is a magical thing, forged by thousands of shared memories and experiences. And yet in most cases there are a small number of incidents or personality traits that come to symbolize the strength of that bond; these represent the secret decoder ring that exists within every family. The fictional story of The Arrowhead describes a childhood adventure that takes on that role within a family of two brothers and a sister.

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This story is symbolic of what children do as friends, sibblings, and the best of friends.

I never thought of my brothers and sisters as being my best friend; however, as I think about the good times I have had in life...Well the best of times were with my family. This I do remember.

Thank you for a lovely book.

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A lovely story, filled with moments of love, and memories. I enjoyed this very much. God Bless

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Davis, I liked and voted for your short story. What most impressed me was the very good dialogue!

Sal Buttaci
author of Like Snowflakes Descending

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I enjoyed the story. It was nice reading about three sibblings. There is usually conflict whenever the number three is involved. This was handeled nicely and it was a joy to read.

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The story is a nice piece of reminiscence; really took me to where you were emotionally. Maybe a few things I would change but overall this is a very strong piece.

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This story took me back to my childhood and many outdoor and spelunking adventures our family had, thanks for that Davis!

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Inspired me to remember some of my childhood memories - although, I'm still a child. Very well written. Holds a sense of wonder and mysticism.

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Jason might have lived life headlong as an adult, also. And he is still near you, you know. Lucille

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