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Feelings is a short book with loving thoughts, and feelings.

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It was a privilege to read that. Thank you. I shall look for more to come! Excellent work :)

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I really felt this book a touch one very close to your love and affection towards someone whom you so dearly love and are missing his presence around you...i really remembered my love while going through each words and could feel him around heart my beating in high wen i was reading it...
Please write more books on feelings........

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Thank you for the very kind comment.
Glad you enjoyed that line my friend.


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"But look into my heart and you will see yourself"
That line alone qualifies this as a true romance.
There is a deep, deep feeling of anguish in these poems. I liked them.

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wooow i love the "feelings" book.

You can tell you love some one, and you think about them all the time, i actually don't know anyone who would put/do a book baist on feelings


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I thank you for such a kind comment.

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