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The Virtual Handshake

Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online Von:
The Virtual Handshake
More people have used the Internet to participate in an online group than to read news or even to buy something. Online social networks have enjoyed phenomenal growth in recent years, and every major internet portal now offers some kind of social networking or blogging tool to its users.

But these tools are not just recreational — they are rapidly becoming essential tools for business. They are part of a “social media” toolkit that includes blogs, relationship capital management software, advanced contact managers, virtual communities, web conferencing, instant messaging, and much more. The Virtual Handshake gives you the tools to take advantage of these new technologies to become dramatically more successful in business. Just as online dating has revolutionized the way singles connect, very similar technologies are revolutionizing the way that businesspeople close deals.

The Virtual Handshake shows you how to:

- sign new customers, meet new business partners, recruit star employees, and even find your dream job
- create a powerful professional (or corporate) presence online
- attract business in online networks
- meet more relevant decision-makers
- start and promote your own blog
- master the email deluge
- use web conferencing and discussion forums to make more sales
- leverage your contact database
- ensure your privacy and safety online

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This is an interesting and useful book to read. Business is no longer limited on a personal aspect, but rather the virtual world or online networking is also important to market your company or product.

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