Curse of the Garnet Dragon

Curse of the Garnet Dragon
In the beginning, Dragons and Mortals alike lived together in peace. As time went on, Mortals began to advance in technology and grow their population to the point where they needed more land and better technology in order to sustain themselves. They turned on their former allies, the mighty Dragons, and took over some of their lands. Their technology was advancing to a point that it began polluting the environment with chemicals harmful to the Dragons. The Dragon Broods strongest members gathered together and met with the Mortals to discuss the matter. The Mortals decided they had no need for the Dragons anymore and would take the whole of Vestom for themselves. This led to the Great War between Mortals and Dragons. Only one would remain victorious.
After the Great War, the Dragon Broods fought amongst themselves over land and the battle split them apart. Each brood claiming an area of land for themselves. Will their in-fighting cause the destruction of yet another brood? Will they be too weak for any future threats? Will one of their own grow to threaten them all... It remains to be seen who will perish and who will survive to see the end of the millennia.
The events of the past have brought about the appearance of the eldest Dragon Lords to bring peace to the land before the broods destroy themselves and the Dragons yet again face extinction at their own hands. Two dragons are born during this time of chaos and destruction, their powers threatening to rip the whole of Vestom apart.

Fantasy, Dragons, War, Adventure
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Suri's Library

Hey :)
I got through a few chapters and I like it!
my only thing would be is please make the paragraphs a little smaller, maybe add some dialogue in the beginning too. :)
I didn't get really far but I do really like it so far :)
Keep being awesome :)

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I thought about that.. as another suggested.. I just haven't had a chance to really get into my book.. Thanks Suri

Suri's Library

No problem dude!

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