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A Treatise Of human Nature (fiscle part-3)

User: silviya
A Treatise Of human Nature (fiscle part-3)

Nothing Is More Usual And More Natural For Those, Who Pretend To Discover
Anything New To The World In philosophy And The Sciences, Than To
Insinuate The Praises Of their Own Systems, By Decrying All Those, Which
Have Been Advanced before Them. And Indeed were They Content With
Lamenting That Ignorance, Which We Still Lie Under In the Most Important
Questions, That Can Come Before The Tribunal Of human Reason, There Are
Few, Who Have An Acquaintance With The Sciences, That Would Not Readily
Agree With Them. It Is Easy For One Of judgment And Learning, To Perceive
The Weak Foundation Even Of those Systems, Which Have Obtained the
Greatest Credit, And Have Carried their Pretensions Highest To Accurate
And Profound Reasoning. Principles Taken Upon Trust, Consequences Lamely
Deduced from Them, Want Of coherence In the Parts, And Of evidence In the
Whole, These Are Every Where To Be Met With In the Systems Of the Most
Eminent Philosophers, And Seem To Have Drawn Disgrace Upon Philosophy

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