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A wizard adopts an orphan and apprentices him. As the younger masters magic, the elder turns to using his skills for evil. The son faces off with the father, in a final magicians’ duel.

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I took Meli comment to heart and I am reworking this story into more of a novel. I have the first 3 chapters done and will be posting them soon.

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Your book cover and title caught my attention. This is a good fantasy story with a moral lesson – the decision of a person will depend on his values in life. You should post this in the Fantasy and Fiction Group forum so that other members will know. Good luck!

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This is a great story, and I can see the potential for a longer story...can't wait to see what you do with it!

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Very interesting. The dilemma in which you had Jerbin go through was very well thought out. Although I would have really liked to see him struggle more with the decision of ending his teacher's life since he was someone who saved him and was pretty much raised by him. But all in all it was very good!


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