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You'll Be Surprised Who Gets Left Behind Von:
User: Lo

It is the darkest days in the history of the planet. Decadence and disasters threaten to destroy the world. But a handful of faithful believers become the leaders of a mighty worldwide revolution of faith and love that shocks the world. This novel, based on actual prophecies from the Bible, will do more than entertain, more than shock, and even more than inspire. It will give you practical information to prepare you for what lies ahead in world affairs.
Be prepared to be deeply disturbed by what it says.

This book is NOT a part of the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins.

It is, however, an attempt to address certain issues which we feel were left out, contradicted, or mis-interpreted in that series.

We have used a few similarities between some of the main characters in that book and some of the main characters in our own, in order to give the public a feel for how events might have unfolded if the Left Behind series had been true to events predicted in Bible prophecy, and if the characters purporting to be Christians had behaved in a more Christian manner.

Please read this book prayerfully and seriously, as it concerns important fundamentals in Christian belief, and important principles in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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I'm surprised that I am the first to write a review here, but I am not surprised that many people will be left behind after reading this book!

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