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Three short stories of life

A book about different senarios Von:
User: dobguy1
Three short stories of life
This is a book which has three 100 word stories of different life senarios. Although the stories may be extremely short, each on has a message behind them

books, short, drama, people, things
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These stories parallel my life in one way or another, my father who worked his fingers to the bone until an illlness took over and caused him to end it all in one impulsive moment of despair, surfing which has been a major influence in my life since a young boy and illness and acceptance which I have since 2005 had to accept in my own life.

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Gelöschter User

Yes very well done. You captured the emotions well in these three short stories. I liked them.

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I really enjoyed your drabble entries, and was moved by the dedication at the beginning. I especially loved the last one, reminded me a lot of my grandfather's life. Well done, an excellent set!

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