The Break In

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The Break In
A break in at a family home has devastated the occupants of a quite urban house.
Max confronts the thief but he gets away with the family possessions.
He feels like he could of done more.Adopted very young by Steven and Janet mason
Max feels guilty the robber got away with his mum and dads most treasured irreplaceable items.

Short, story, crime, break in
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I really liked this book:) You did a wonderful job at putting it togather.

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As many have said on this site, it is content that is important. This story always had the content, but the writer went the extra distance and polished it into a smooth, wonderful read.

I had read this story a little while back and was impressed with it. But my kudos to a writer who took suggestions and made this story awesome. Great job. Good luck. Robynn

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It was easy to read and entertaining. I was interested right to the end. The end was unexpected but really fun.

I can't wait to read more from you!

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Darren, I first read your story a few weeks ago, and could immediately see the potential. With a little help from your friends, it now reads as well as anything on the site. I truly hope that you continue to learn and grow and keep writing... don't get discouraged by any negative comments. I'm looking forward to much more.

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Very descriptive, well written... and the ending TOTALLY took me by surprise! Way to go!!

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I am definitely not going to give away the plot to this delightful short story. All I will say is that Darren Pearce has a way of weaving a tale that one just HAS to keep reading.

It was obvious from the start, to me, that although his grammatical abilities may have been lacking, his imagination and storytelling talent was overwhelming. I have learned a great deal from reading this particular story...and that is, do not judge... mehr anzeigen

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