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Coming to Terms

User: bastian
Coming to Terms

Sarah has a great job.  A great career.  Great romantic prospects.  As a senior product manager at company that's about to be bought in the next six months, she's about to see her life take off.  


But somehow, she isn't fulfilled.   Sometimes...she's just lonely. 


Every time she meets a great guy... 


Things just seem to fizzle out.  


But then she meets Chase.  


Just a few years younger than Sarah, she's got lustrous, curly black hair and full red lips.  And her smile makes Sarah's whole world light up.  


Will Sarah be able to pursue the sparks that fly between her and Chase?  Or will fear hold her back from finding true love? 


Coming to Terms is a brand new standalone lesbian romance with strong erotic themes. 

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2,99 US$
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