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American Prisoners Of The Revolution (fiscle part-4)

User: silviya
American Prisoners Of The Revolution (fiscle part-4)

The Writer Of This Book Has Been Interested For Many Years In The
Subject Of The Sufferings Of The American Prisoners Of The
Revolution. Finding The Information She Sought Widely Scattered, She
Has, For Her Own Use, And For That Of All Students Of The Subject,
Gathered All The Facts She Could Obtain Within The Covers Of This
Volume. There Is Little That Is Original In The Compilation. The
Reader Will Find That Extensive Use Has Been Made Of Such Narratives
As That Captain Dring Has Left Us. The Accounts Could Have Been Given
In The Compiler's Own Words, But They Would Only, Thereby, Have Lost
In Strength. The Original Narratives Are All Out Of Print, Very Scarce
And Hard To Obtain, And The Writer Feels Justified In Reprinting Them
In This Collection, For The Sake Of The General Reader Interested In
The Subject, And Not Able To Search For Himself Through The Mass Of
Original Material, Some Of Which She Has Only Discovered After Months
Of Research. Her Work Has Mainly Consisted In Abridging These Records,
Collected From So Many Different Sources.

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