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American Prisoners Of The Revolution (fiscle Part-11) Of 2

User: silviya
American Prisoners Of    The   Revolution (fiscle Part-11) Of 2

It Is With No Desire To Excite Animosity Against A People Whose Blood
Is In our Veins That We Publish This Volume Of Facts About Some Of The
Americans, Seamen And Soldiers, Who Were So Unfortunate As To Fall
Into The Hands Of The Enemy During the Period Of The Revolution. We
Have Concealed Nothing of The Truth, But We Have Set Nothing down In
Malice, Or With Undue Recrimination.

It Is For The Sake Of The Martyrs Of The Prisons Themselves That This
Work Has Been Executed. It Is Because We, As A People, Ought To Know
What Was Endured; What Wretchedness, What Relentless Torture, Even
Unto Death, Was Nobly Borne By The Men Who Perished By Thousands In
British Prisons And Prison Ships Of The Revolution; It Is Because We
Are In danger Of Forgetting the Sacrifice They Made Of Their Fresh
Young Lives In the Service Of Their Country; Because The Story Has
Never Been Adequately Told, That We, However Unfit We May Feel
Ourselves For The Task, Have Made An Effort To Give The People Of
America Some Account Of The Manner In which These Young Heroes, The
Flower Of The Land, In the Prime Of Their Vigorous Manhood, Met Their
Terrible Fate.

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