Communication and teamwork

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Communication and teamwork
When I think of communication, then it's like the computer. We humans communicate with our voice and the gestures of our body. The computer communicates with bits, ie also uses a unique naturally occurring language to convey information from A to B. In order to be successful as a team we therefore need truthful methods to give us an understanding of what makes communication between people so strange and yet so very important, so that the information can be conveyed usefully.
Everyone seems to deal in a certain unique way with a situation. This is also evident in the communication. Everyone knows therefore how difficult it can be to find the right words or procedures to gain on the job, in a group task or in another type of negotiation or implementation to compete there.
Success is in a group, therefore, only with a certain understanding of one another given that that a team practices teamwork to be successful. With this thesis, I created the communication box, which is to find out the truth about teamwork and for each of you using it to be a method by which it should be possible to see a success in each task as a team or for yourself.

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