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Getting Started with ASP.NET Multitenant Applications

Getting Started with ASP.NET Multitenant Applications


This title is one of the "Essentials" IT Books published by TechNet Publications Limited.
This Book is a very helpful practical guide for beginners in the topic , which can be used as a learning material for students pursuing their studies in undergraduate and graduate levels in universities and colleges and those who want to learn the topic via a short and complete resource.
We hope you find this book useful in shaping your future career.

This book will be available soon...

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2,99 US$
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If this is not your original work, Daniel, and you can't prove that it is, you should remove it from all venues immediately. Plagiarism is a serious crime. Should Mr. Peres be able to prove it's actually his work, and you don't take this down, you'll end up in jail. If you know it's his and you're just "sharing it," you need his permission, and you certainly shouldn't be making money from it. The BookRix Administrators are... mehr anzeigen

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