Straight from the Mind

Straight from the Mind

Understanding that we are created for purpose and to share knowledge. This book which is worded from a opinion within fact towards a truth among a fairytale or how I summarize as fair-to-tale. Striaght from the mind is what you will view as you read along the freely written pages inside. A must read, guaranteed ton only relate but also refocus what you may think into a deeper overstanding of that thought. To Have a question with no answer, speculation and assumption's. Only to be distracted from that thought back into reality. It begins with self and our control, limit, and know how. Knowledge is power and whatnwe think so shall it be... With self restraint. So uncover what you to may already know, and even more acknowledgement of utilization in it all.



Written now, at that time , at that moment with that date,

"Straight from the Mind". Author, Daniel Montez Barnes

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