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when things get hard i learned to not give up but to keep going foward. i was ready to fly through my senior year, avoiding any memories made or any freindships i can make. that is untill i met adrian.

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Christiana Hinojosa

I think that the part she needs to change is the death of Dane so Santana doesn't hurt so much because the love of her life died of Cancer. I am sorryvabout that my mom died because the doctor's did do a sterilization of the area they took a biopsy from she died of sepsis.

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I really like what you have here but I think instead of adding to the end of the book you should add more to the middle.. the beginning and end are fabulous but the middle jumps a lot of time that I think you could fill in and make the book longer and more entertaining at the same time. can't wait to see if you follow my advice and if you add anymore please let me know :) good job.

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