Three very short stories

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Three very short stories
Three very short stories with out the use of the letter E. A damsel in distress, a singer with out a choir and a manhunt to catch a killer.

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Brave has nothing to do with it. I miss read the contest blurb.

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You're a brave soul, Dale, going for no "e." I liked the imagery in your stories. I thought it was creative and unique.

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Three very good stories. First had one no E's. It is a mystery to me how you could do it.

The second only had two E's, her & her.

The and the third had The three times and Went once.

Still you are very good at writing if you could do that, and I am sure you could edit out the e's if you wanted to.

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Good shorts. Two Es in the second and a bunch in the third.
Otherwise I liked them.

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