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He Still Watches

My Nightmares Von:
User: dalemoses
He Still Watches
This is the TRUE account of my horrifying nightmares passed down to me, and what led up to them - Leave the lights on... This still scares me horribly to this day!

Nightmare, Horror, Terror
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I seriously think this is the most thrilling, shocking books on bookrix. Every single word made me shiver, I completely believe you.

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dont think its silly to be scared, i think this would scare anyone, me included (and yes that does meen i believe you) hope you get your chance to ask him your questions. Marie x

Wichtiger Beitrag

A little confusing at the start and a slow beginning but I really like the idea. A little fine tuning and you have a winner with a unique premise./joeparente

Wichtiger Beitrag

Very well writen! It is truley freaky, I think because I can relate... although my whatcher is far less then yours... (I think) :D It has the perfect amount of scary and calm to make you get a tingle up your spine and chicken skin along your arms.

Best wishes and I hope you get your answers!


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Hello, I personally thank for your about courage and openness you write something. I think many people have seen fear of one of many giving in the eye, but there are just more than the people can and will ever understand. Was for you and it is certainly a form of aroma and if it helps you but no matter what other people think. Best regards from the Switzerland Dragonchild.

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I appreciate the kind words - I wrote this as truly a form of therapy as it really did happen - I was not a writer when I did this - I know it can all be explained away by dreams and such, and was probably really nothing more. It was creepy and frightening none the less, and did quite a number on me, as you can probably well imagine - I know the writing is pretty bad, but it got it off of my chest - a method that seems to... mehr anzeigen

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Totally awesome story. You kept me intrigued the whole time. Good luck---I could see this becoming a movie.

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My favorite Stephen King (and I read them all when I was younger) is the Tommyknockers when the author is being affected by the aliens and he starts writing... only it's the best writing he's ever done and I was totally sucked into that story. I really wanted to read it! but alas...

So I like the writing, but editing please! Big blocks of run on paragraphs are a little hard to get through. You got my vote because I liked the... mehr anzeigen

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