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What makes me special makes me hated

User: ghostsun
What makes me special makes me hated
Hi,I'm Ignio Lavender,weird name right?Well thats not the only thing weird about me,unless you think that having animal genes and special powers that no one else has is normal.

power, magic, bully, love
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LOVE IT SO FAR, please continue to write more ^^

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I'll write more when I'm using a computer and not a phone,cuz writing a whole chapter on a phone is a pain.

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well 1 ting i like ur idea gud. All i think i can say is WICKED BUK mate PLEASE damn hell write more....

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thank you for reading and commenting,I'm only a preteen so I still need to work on alot of things,and there will be more related to the title in the book,thank you for reminding me,I'm happy to have constructive criticism so that I can improve,thank you.

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Gwinevere Keethley

I really like how you put the story together so far, but I think you need to describe things a little more clearly. It also needs a bit of editing, as mentioned before. However, the main thing that I think needs a bit of revising is the title. I usually base my titles on the main event of the book, so your title didn't make much sense to me, 'What makes me special makes me hated', that seems like one of the points in the... mehr anzeigen

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Ive updated the book,and yes,there are supposed to be alot of people in the animal project.

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Heather Fledderus (geordiriker)

great idea, great plot. (BTW: 5% of any population is bigger than you think, stick with 0.5% or less- unless that was planned to have such a large number of people as part of the animal project)

looks good so far. not a grammar expert, but looks good on that part too. glad you made a new paragraph every time a different person spoke.

maybe the sister could flip out and go to another friend's house in a fit of rage or invite... mehr anzeigen

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