Who am I? (German)

Who am I? (German)

Who hasn’t asked themselves what there is to life beyond just living? What is true purpose in life? There must be higher purpose than just living…

In the book “Who am I?”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan describes that one’s ultimate life purpose is to find an answer to the age-old unanswered question of spiritual seekers: Who am I, and who is the ‘doer’ of all that happens in life?

Dadashri also resolves questions such as: “What is the nature of the journey of souls?”, “How was the world created?”, “How to find God?”, “How can I experience my own pure Soul?”, and “What is liberation?”

Ultimately, Dadashri describes that attaining knowledge of Self is the primary purpose of life, and the beginning of true spirituality. Having gained Self knowledge, spiritual development begins, after which one may attain ultimate liberation, or moksha.

Among the many spiritual books available today, Dadashri’s “Who am I?” is an exceptional resource.

Von diesem Buch kannst Du online nur eine Leseprobe lesen, da es als ePub hochgeladen wurde. Du kannst das vollständige Buch aber downloaden.

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I know well that this is a stressful time; my daughter and most of her friends
really hate being badgered with questions. However, between the parents, it's
just as often merely a conversation starter, a way to find something in common
with someone you barely know. You could make some non-commital noises and
return the questions. Chances are, they're excited about something and want tp
share their joy.

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Times change, and we need to change the constitution:
\- every question on the census has a legitimate answer of: Prefer not to
\- no one is reported for leaving an answer blank

My great-grandmother was recorded in the census from 1910 to 1950, and in each
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