Tri Mantra (In German)

Tri Mantra (In German)

The religions of the world preserve the knowledge and protect the secrets of ancient powerful mantras.

At the heart of world religion, and among the most powerful mantras in the history of religion, is the Navkar mantra, or Trimantra.

In the book “Trimantra”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan explains the Trimantra, its mantra meaning, and the extraordinary benefits of its recitation.

Whether wishing to live with no worry while facing problems in everyday life, wondering how to get inner peace, or on a spiritual quest seeking spiritual enlightenment (Self Realization), utilizing Trimantra provides that – and more.

Among the many spiritual books available today, Param Pujya Dadashri’s spiritual guidance about the value of Trimantra, and how to best access its spiritual power, is invaluable.

Von diesem Buch kannst Du online nur eine Leseprobe lesen, da es als ePub hochgeladen wurde. Du kannst das vollständige Buch aber downloaden.

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Older Boulder, Calif.

This one zipped on by for me - one of my fastest solve times ever, I think. I
had lots of gimmes, and lots of correct guesses -- plus all those ""yous""
jumped right out of the grid to help fill in whatever was missing.

I don't mind an easy puzzle once in a while, though. Like Paul said, it's a
nice ego boost. ;)

I particularly enjoyed the three quotations, and trying to remember who said
them. NOEL COWARD... mehr anzeigen

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