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Guru and Disciple

Guru and Disciple

Among the myriad of relationships in life, the one between a Guru and disciple is most sacred and unique.

In the book “Guru and Disciple”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan provides insight into the nature of the Guru-disciple relationship and offers in-depth answers to questions like:

“What are definitions of Guru, and disciple? How is a Guru necessary in spiritual transformation?”

“How does a spiritual Guru differ from a spiritual teacher, a spiritual advisor, or from spiritual people in general?”

“How do I find a Guru with the spiritual power to grant me spiritual enlightenment required in a  spiritual life?”

“Among the many spiritual teachers accessible today, do I need to find a Guru with a certain level of spiritual development or spiritual awareness?”

For those on a spiritual quest, seeking spiritual growth, or simply desirous of spiritual guidance, this book provides an invaluable resource among the spiritual books available on the Guru-disciple.

Von diesem Buch kannst Du online nur eine Leseprobe lesen, da es als ePub hochgeladen wurde. Du kannst das vollständige Buch aber downloaden.

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Chapel Hill, NC

I think that had HRC campaigned in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan in the
month of August after her nomination she probably would have won. Instead she
spent the month fundraising on Wall Street, ultimately outspending DT at about
1.8:1 to no avail. I don't think the elite should worry about not speaking the
language of the working class, but I do think HRC and by extension the elite
are entirely clueless as to... mehr anzeigen

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Jackson Heights, NY

""Worst in decades?"" The Russians invaded Ukraine, took down the Polish,
downed a civilian aircraft, armed NK...sounds like it should have been worse
back in 2008-11. But good to see we'll take a stance on Facebook


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