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User: raeadnan
Fallen angels, when stripped of their wings, lose more than just their place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Committing treason against God comes with a high price, the least of which being the loss of their human form, but that fact is the most aggrieved among Hell's legions. The Thirteen would do anything to restore their angelic guises, and their powers, even if it may not even be possible. But Azazel, the blue demon of vanity and subterfuge, may be on to something, as he has found the reincarnated soul of the first mortal he corrupted before his Fall, ad he believes her soul holds the key to his Redemption.

Senka Grey has inherited a long line of responsibility from her Exorcist parents, despite her lack of power, skill or knowledge. After the death of her brother, Uriel, there was no choice in the matter, and now, against the odds, she must learn to cope with this curse and protect herself from the legions of Hell who wish her dead.

Not to mention Azazel wants her life for himself. What is a girl to do?

demon love hell Azazel blue
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