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The Heir of Deception

The Heir of Deception

✿¸.•´¸✿*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.✿¨*.¸¸.•`✿The Heir of Deception✿¨*.¸¸.*

                       New Release - Novel


Sometimes you don’t choose the enemy, the enemy chooses you……

And sometimes living can be worse than dying……..

Emma Stowe has survived sexual, financial, and physical abuse all throughout her life, but can she survive her Aunt Regina Barletti? Sensing evil all around her, Emma thinks she has just exposed a deep dark family secret, which involves her Aunt Regina and Uncle Ben Barletti, the golden couple of a small Southern New Hampshire town.


Maybe Emma should really be calling her Uncle Ben –dad? Emma is on the quest of her life, before time runs out to prove that the harsh reality of Aunt Regina’s life-long obsession is actually her motive for revenge!


In this twisted bone-chilling tale, has Emma’s finely tuned womanly intuition finally failed her? Has she gotten it all wrong, or is there actually something more sinister going on? Maybe Emma has really gotten everything right!


Copyrighted Material (c) 2015


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Austin, TX

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