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O'Hara's Hat

User: djreid
O'Hara's Hat
Romance buds in this gentle offbeat comedy of manners.

comedy, manners, offbeat
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Gelöschter User

lovely, lovely, lovely... What a refreshing romp. I enjoyed that very much (and a tip of my bowler to you, sir).

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Such a sweet short story, I love the old fashioned charm you created with your words. Thanks for brightening my day.

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Gelöschter User

What an adorable short story. Loved it!

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I love an old fashioned story with genteel manners! I think it's John's hat, he just doesn't remember. Wouldn't it be funny if John was really her ex and she doesn't remember? lol

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This was my very first experience with reading a book online, ever! What a pleasant treat! I love dialogue, and fell right in love with this story immediately. I couldn't help but think of those two polite cartoon chipmunks from Bugs Bunny, and the two polite geese in The Aristocats as I read the conversation between Emily and Red. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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My day will be a very good one because I started it by reading this charming tale. Thank you for that and for the chuckle of delight that came at the end which I'm still enjoying.

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Your simple story, told in its particular fashion, is quite satisfying.

No, I'll go further, it harkens to another time and sensibility and, in very genteel fashion, takes us on a kindly journey to deposit us at the very doorstep of romance - in the truest sense of the word.

An excellent bit of observation and recollection. First rate storytelling.

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