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The Horsemen's Wake

The Horsemen's Wake
A young woman living in the aftermath of the apocalypse has to find a way to defeat the men ruling the world, by defeating there strongest weapon with her feminine whiles. A work In progress very rough at the moment

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i love it!!!!!!!!!keep up the great work!!!;)

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Hi Faith,You can connect your readers with your character and set the hook all in the first sentence in Chapter 1.

EX:"My name is Tambour and I was not yet born when the world began it's freefall to destruction in 2001."

Now you have the readers wondering what happened. With the second sentence, you can then disclose where you live and begin your backstory.

Good Luck with the story. I am looking forward to reading more.


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The concept is great. A good idea for a story. The word "whiiles" should be spelled "wiles."
Other than that, looks good.

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just enough good ideas to make me curious for the next I will be following

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Faith, as the others have said you're off to a good start. I like the concept. AS Felix suggested, you need something dramatic to open with and draw the reader into your tale. In the first line of your story you use the word 'emanating'. I think you mean "the world as we know it began its imminent demise". (Imminent meaning impending). Who designed your book cove? Who ever did it did a great job.

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