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Suspense Romance Von:
User: metri18

   After the death of her boyfriend, Chase, twenty-two year old London Fabels was completely depressed. To top it off  she was suddenly being hunted by a vicious and insane serial killer, kidnapped and kept hostage in a jungle, there was no one to save her, until she met the sexy and mysterious stranger that came at the right time, only she had a feeling there was a lot more to him than he lets on.


  Special Ops Agent, Grahmm Reynolds was on a mission to capture a killer, what he didn't count on was beautiful London who's been the killers latest victim, surprisingly still alive. The least he could do was rescue her and then dump her on the nearest ferry and out of his hair, only it seems fate had other ideas. Risking his neck to keep her safe and trying to keep things perfessional he had no choice but to drag her along.


These two have a chemistry that was too hot to ignore, when she figures out his true identity, can Grahmm let her walk away? 



sexy, True Love, Man, Woman, Vulgar, Violence, Action
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Demitria Angel

Ooh, I love this and it is written so well. I can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the good work.

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