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A Neighborly Bet

An erotic romance Von:
A Neighborly Bet

  "You want me to do WHAT?" I asked, perhaps a little too loudly. "Are you nuts?"  He tried to talk softly, noticing the other people looking over at us.

  "You heard me," he replied. "And no, I'm not crazy."
   'You want me to seduce your wife?" I asked. "First, she's your WIFE! Second, Christi doesn't even like me that much!"
    "You'd be surprised," he told me. "I overheard her telling her sister that she thinks that you're the hottest man on our block, and if she had a choice, she'd do you in a heartbeat."
    "And, she said that the best part was that you're single," he continued.
    "Ok, so maybe she wants to set me up with her sister," I reasoned.
"You've just got to trust me," he answered. "We've been together almost twenty years. I know her well enough."
    "You're crazy," I told him. "Even IF I were to try, and she shot me down, she'd hate me. And we have to live next to each other! That's a hell of a risk!"
    "Trust me. She's not going to shoot you down," he said.
    Just as he said that, Christi walked up to our table and sat down with us.
    "See what I'm telling you?" Joe asked quietly. "Did you hear what she said?"
    "Ok," I replied, slightly less skeptical, "One hundred bucks says that she not only won't sleep with me, but another hundred says she gets pissed off and won't talk to me again."
    "You're on," he quickly replied. "But you have to give it your best effort."
    "Of course," I said, and we shook hands on the bet.

Another xXx romance for adults only. Please respect the classification.


wagering, sex, double cross, infidelity, hot, M/F
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