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Dawn Of Night Book 1

Dawn Of Night Book 1
He was the school's weirdo the one who never had friends and only hung out with family he was also the one that everyone wanted to be with to be seen talking to. She was the new kid she was as weirded out as he was yet slightly diffrent when they both encounter each other will they find love or a terrible secret.

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Link is depicted as blonde in most of the game actually, but in Twilight princess he is a dirty-blonde or close to brunette and Zelda is a brunette in that game but only that one. Great games though aren't they?

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is that link and princess zelda from the zelda games (if so Zelda is a blond and link is brown haired) love ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please put the book A Witch's Needs back on this site or a different one where your fans could read it!!

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