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“I love you” my cousin boyfriend breaths to me. I look up to his emerald green eyes. “Me too.” We only have time for one more kiss before we hear a crash downstairs and my cousin Natalie call us from downstairs. We pull apart and he hides in my closet right as she comes walking in. “have you seen Aiden?” I shake my head afraid that my voice will give us away. She growls and closes my door. Once we hear her run outside he comes out of the closet and hugs me. “I can’t wait to tell her about us. I nod and I feel him kiss my neck. I close my eyes and smile to him. How could I be so lucky?

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Review - First, I must say, good story. Had some nice plot twists at end. I want to say also, you have the ability to write, and with all the books you have done, the desire to write. I can see you are a natural story teller. Now, with this desire and drive, don't you want to be the best writer you can?
Spell check is not our friend. LOL It does evil things like for instance: wait instead of waist - otter instead of utter -... mehr anzeigen

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