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unfinished-no middle part Von:

people, sorry, this shouldve been in scraps. there is no middle part!!! hahaha!!!
well, im gunna write a proper story with the same characters and the topic of 'school shootings' so be on the look out.

the title was chosen while browsing through the songs on my ipod. its a black veil brides songs name. i think it an appropriate title.

if u r willing, make a middle part for the story. u will be given credit and will be allowed to post the whole story in your gallery.

anyways, this is dedicated to eric harris. the next one will be dedicated to dylan klebold.
i really believe they r the actual victims...

well, sorry that i didnt post this on scraps.

and oh yeah, in ALTERNATIVE END 2 hes using a pistol instead of a hunting gun. i guess his dad could also be keeping a pistol at home... well, for next time ill do more research. i hope you dont hate me!!!

the characters r my OC's...

columbine, school, shooting, guinevere, gay
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