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Suicidal Attractions

Suicidal Attractions
23-year-old Megan Foster has been cutting herself for five long years. She's even thought about ending her life. Her parents died in a car accident after she graduated high school. She has no siblings and no friends (because of a nasty rumor someone spread in her senior year.) Now she lives with her 67-year-old grandmother, Lilianna, in a small 2-bedroom apartment with no ambition whatsoever to register for college and persue her dream of becoming an actress and performing onstage. That's when she meets 33-year-old Couseling Psychologist Christopher Cullen who actually cares enough to talk to Megan, encourage her and help her be the person she wants to be. Christopher changes Megan's life... and he soon realizes... that she wants him a part of it...

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I am currently busy on another site 4 stories. I will probably not be continuing much of anything on this site, unfortunately. But.. I do believe in miracles. Do you..? If so... then u never know. You might never come back to the story and see anything added. Or you might come... mehr anzeigen

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