Mongol Dawn
Ghengis Khan meets a whole new kind of enemy in this flash fiction piece that blends alternative history and science fiction. A fast, fun read.

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S.P. Johnson Jr.

I'm with Felix on this. Ghengis Khan is one of my favorite historical warlords, and I love sci-fi. The writing is tidy, but the story is incomplete. It has to be a complete story to be flash.

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I enjoy good historical fiction, and this teaser falls neatly into that "realm". H.F. with a Sci-fi center is more than intriguing!
From what I can see in such a short offering, your characters and scene/mood setting are spot on. The brutal regality of Khan, the fearful respect of Lochi...the aliens, and the divine image they present to a very savage race of invaders.
I think you have a winning voice, as well as an extremely... mehr anzeigen

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