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Vioara sufletului meu

Poezii Von:
User: sofiicuta
Vioara sufletului meu
Muzica si poezia sunt placerea adevarata…nu se sfarsesc…te fac sa treci prin toate starile sufletesti…te coboara pana in abis…apoi te ridica pana la stele…Iar tu, omule, traiesti zi de zi o noua experienta…deci, nu mai privi peste umar…lasa trecutul in urma…priveste cu mintea, inima si sufletul la ziua de azi, la clipa de fata, pentru ca am primit un dar nepretuit, numit viata…ridica-ti ochii catre viitor si paseste spre el cu incredere si zambetul pe fata…Fiecare dintre noi isi doreste sa fie iubit, deci la randul tau iubeste…umplet-i sufletul de frumos si iubire…e tot ce conteaza…

poezie, suflet, singuratate
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Cumberland, Md.

Teachers try to invest in us we are the leaders of tomorrow. Time is very
valuable to a student and everyone else. We have to figure out how to form
ideas and use them when it's needed. The future is us. There are to many
students for teachers to educate. I see teachers giving up on students, the
students become failers and their lifes go down hill. School forms us as we go
into our years. To many students give up... mehr anzeigen

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True, that.

Key to me is the principle of not worrying about potential problems,
“potential” being the operative word. There are certain to be real problems
ahead; why waste energy planning for bad things before they happen?


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