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I'm Not Thankful

I'm Not Thankful
Essay for The Real Read ezine

Thanksgiving, thankful, appreciation
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Wichtiger Beitrag

I liked that. Very stirring, especially since I consider myself an optomistic pessimist!

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Wichtiger Beitrag

that reminded me to appreciate even a chain of events. In this case, it lead me to read some really great stories and met people which might never have happened otherwise. :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

Ahhhh, nice Peacedance. I really appreciated this :)

Being thankful always sounds so trite. In my spiritual tradition, we have a thing we do whenever the mood strikes called "rejoicing." There's a prayer and a format for it, but bascially it is what it says: rejoice. To have joy, again. Reliving that joy, in whatever form it takes. It is an active thing also. I'd rather rejoice than be thankful any day, which yes, often does... mehr anzeigen

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A bunch of thanks peacedance :) I needed this. Perhaps I really should start appreciating things more :)

Very good, inspiring and truly convincing writing.

Thanks again for sharing :)

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Thanks! I wrote this for my friend's ezine so hopefully she'll like it too. :)

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