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The Bad Girl.

Who dares challenge her, will highly regret it. Von:
The Bad Girl.
Tia was dangerous.
Everywhere she went, she gained the title of 'The Bad Girl'.
It was true though, at heart she WAS definetely a bad girl.

When Tia moves to boring town, Aldrio, she brings chaos, and trouble. She also takes interest in a mysterious boy who everyone seems to be careful.

No one knows her secret though. Her family were all werewolves...

*Sorry about any spelling mistakes, I'm really rubbish with spelling. This book also contains bad language. Beware!!*

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I sooo loved it so far!! Just update it , please? And also let me know about the future updates.

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Dmn that was great why haven't you wrote more thought ? it's an awesome book i want to read more i wanaaaaaaan know what's happens next ...O.o

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man i want 2 no what happen and now u really have 2 finish this book is freakin awesome

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