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A Good Cup Of Coffee Clears The Head

A Good Cup Of Coffee Clears The Head
Just me using a light poem about coffee to experiment with some alternative rhyme structures. Comment if you'd like, and heart if you will, but above all, enjoy! That's what I do it for.

(alright, that's a lie. But that's the human condition, isn't it?)

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I prefer tea ;) A nice poem, simple and plesent. Felt like it could have used some metaphors though, just to break up the statements.

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A simple poem, I must say, but well put. haha ;) I don't drink coffee, however, so I'll just have to take you on your word about coffee.


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Gotta agree, though - coffee can work wonders for what's tormenting you! Well done. Interesting rhyme textures - I'd say you succeeded on that, too! 'D

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