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The Cassandra Syndrome

User: brookie
The Cassandra Syndrome

Our insecurities are revealed through our avoidance of unpalatable realities in preference for illusory feel-good beliefs.  It is this folly, that hands power and succour to the worst of predatory evils to prevail secure, behind barriers of untouchable sacrosanct and, is why they are so hopelessly difficult and dangerous to unseat.


The book further exposes so many falsehoods, that the story of life as it is conventionally perceived, becomes insupportable and needs to be rewritten. For this purpose, I then follow the mitochondrial-Y chromosome gender trail to the origins of Homo sapiens – the pristine, African, angelic Khoisan people before the ‘Fall’.


I lead on from this, by describing the means by which the eventual fall of mankind was instigated and which then brought our warring selves to where we are today.

Conspiracy, Theosophy, Metaphysics
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