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The Animals' Rebellion

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The Animals' Rebellion
Graham Clifton Bingham was born in 1859 in Bristol. His birth was registered in the last quarter. At the age of 16, soon after his father's death, he entered the family's extensive bookselling business. In the 1881 census the 21-year old is listed as a bookseller in Westbury-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. It was probably shortly after 1881 that his mother died, and the bookselling business was sold. He joined the staff of the Cheltenham Examiner. One of his duties was to be the drama critic, and he began to contribute short stories to newspapers and magazines. His first song "Sweet and Twenty", for which he also composed the music, was written in 1882. As he found his lyrics and verses in demand, he moved to London in 1886, and soon afterwards wrote "Dear Heart", and "Love's Old Sweet Song". Various composers wanted to set it, but James Molloy contacted him first by electric telegraph, and provided the music. The famous chorus runs:-

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