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Jascha begibt sich auf einen Ausflug um das Geheimnis der Felsentür zu ergründen. Wird er dem Geheimnis auf die Spur kommen? Was bringt das Puzzlebild zu Tage? Oder war es doch nur für den Zeitvertreib gedacht?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Wenn unser Leben beeinflusst wird..."
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07.02.2015 Wenn unser Leben beeinflusst wird...
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las pulgas, nm

Forget about, for the moment, the talk of Bolton's abrasive ""Kiss Up, Kick
Down"" personality.

The take home message is that Bolton was the Champion of the Iraq war and
still says it was the right thing to do. This was the worst US Foreign
involvement-action since the Vietnam war, and we have Bolton in large part to
thank for it.

Performance is measured by results, and by this benchmark, Bolton should
probably be... mehr anzeigen

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Washington, DC

It looks as if the ""blue wave"" has arrived in the heart of Trump country
that gave him the Electoral College win despite the huge amount of money,
multiple visits from Trump and his surrogates, and the steel and aluminum
tariffs to bolster the Republican candidate. It seems unlikely that Democrat
Conor Lamb's slim lead can be overcome by the absentee and overseas ballots
and that Democrats have scored a major... mehr anzeigen

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Baltimore, MD

We are caught up in emotional overkill. First, these folks do not want to undo
the 2nd amendment. They do not want to take everyones guns away. The use of
this language is dangerous and divisive, The 2nd amendment begins with ""A
well regulated militia"". First , what is a militia? is everyone a member
since they are citizens? A militia appears to be an organization that one must
join. To join most organizations... mehr anzeigen

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Victoria, BC, Canada

Oh how young and idealistic. When he gets older and learns that the prevalence
of guns increases suicide many fold - the stats are staggering -- most gun
deaths are from suicide and a gun in a home increases that chance 3 fold -- my
brother last month killed himself -- maybe that will help him see nuance. He
also is sadly not really understanding what the kids are protesting if he
thinks it is a blanket... mehr anzeigen

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