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Coming Home

Coming Home
Adrienne Michale decided it was time to go back home to Bear Creek, Alabama where she was raised by her grandmother. After the horrific tragedy of this past year she needed to be with her grandmother and be somewhere she felt safe... away from him.

Whe she arrives back home from Los Angeles, she finds her grandmother in a state of panic when her small town coffee shop gets into finacial trouble and that the town just elected the handsome newcomer Nate as Sheriff. They soon start getting to know each other and he starts digging a little deeper ino her heart and she doesnt like that. Then her pastor confides in her a secret he has kept for many years and she finds herself focused on the town's problems and more relaxed.

And as the old saying goes "The Shit Hits The Fan" when he shows up at her door with her best friend.

Romance, Tragedy, Family, Loyalty
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I will actually get a chance to start on my Book right now so hold your horses! You won't be kept in the dark much longer ;D

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in the dark?

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