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I Am

User: cierra55
I Am
What better entry to enter for the young writers of the year contest than something I hold dear to me my poetry.

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That was some great poetry; i really enjoyed it.

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I'm really glad that I found this in the swap thread. :) It's a lovely collection of poems and I encourage you to post it up on the swap thread of the group "Poetry Challenges". I liked all of them, I especially liked the one about your father, I'm a bit of a daddy's girl as well :). I wish you luck in the competition and you have my vote. Feel free to check out my book in the Young Writer's Swap thread as well, it's titled... mehr anzeigen

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Glynis Rankin

Hey, you. I came over to give you my vote. You know already how much I love your work, so my vote was a done deal.

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Cierra, your words stir a soul from its comfortable place.

You're a talented young lady...keep writing.

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im gonna correct those changes tonite nd thanks for keeping it real.


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